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Between Tools Seminar I and Tools Seminar II

June 12, 2009

A few ways that the challenges identified in the first seminar can be thought about and clustered are available to view in A4 sized .pdf format here


DAIM Tool Seminar I report summary

April 22, 2009

map with challenges

Participants presented 3 challenges in post-its from their experiences in DAIM and other projects

mapping the challenges of the broader context

In groups, challenges and concerns were indentified from people’s everyday professional lives


Participants were divided into four groups and asked to map the challenges of the Golden Projects

Picture 1

Feedback about the Tool Seminar and suggestions on what to do with the framework

DAIM Tool Seminar I – Mapping the challenges of the design consultant / consultancy

April 22, 2009


The DAIM project kicked off phase II by putting a focus on the design of a DAIM Toolbox. Design consultants and design researchers are at the center of the DAIM toolbox ‘target group.’ The day’s activities continue the efforts to make explicit concerns and challenges of user-driven design practices. Members from all the DAIM partner bureaus were present (3Part, 1508, Ergonomidesign, Swedco, and Make Tools) as well as researchers from DKDS and SPIRE and guests. After the pilot study that focused on broad methodological explorations in numerous contexts with multiple stakeholders, the conditions at the bureaus favor  more refined and controllable methods to match the demands of their clients and work practices. The mapping activity allowed DAIM partners to work within a design consultant process framework. This was supported by using the working space of 1508. The day ended with the first draft of a map of challenges, some critiques of the framework, and a plan to move forward.

Challenge map V1: Find an excel file of the first draft of the map categories and questions here. We encourage people to take the map, work with it, and report back (show us clusterings, new categorizations, experiments with visualizations, more questions, etc). We plan to work further with these issues during the June 12th DAIM Tool Seminar.

Robb quickly dumped all the post-its in wordle ( and it came up with this image:


Confidentiality Agreement

Golden Projects Confidential: The planning and conducting of the golden project activities with the bureaus and their paying clients will stay locked behind the confidential veil. We provided project partners with a reminder ritual for confidentiality before the afternoon session by signing an agreement (see below).