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DAIM Tool Seminar II – Modeling Practice

June 12, 2009


The goal of the DAIM project is to explore user-driven innovation in a way that can be adopted in design consultancies and other businesses – those similar to DAIM partners: 3Part, 1508 A/S, SWECO, Ergonomidesign, Make Tools, and Vestforbrænding. The project has been set-up to do this through hands-on project work in collaboration with design researchers and practitioners: first during the pilot project with Vestforbrænding, (May and currently in the gold projects with 1508 and 3Part). Upon the completion of the project work, the exploration will continue in the process of writing a DAIM book and hosting a DAIM conference in the Fall.

DAIM Tool Seminar II (June 12, 2009 at 3Part) focused on what design anthropological innovation models can be, and what is valuable to our various audiences. To see various sample models download the presentation “There’s something about models…”. The golden projects were used as examples to handle the modeling exploration. The seminar ended with 4 different portrayals of DAIMs (models) and guidelines for their further development, and a sketch of the parameters of an overall DAIM.

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Model presentations clips – DAIM Tool Seminar II

June 12, 2009

Video clips from DAIM Tool Seminar II group activity, with participants presenting their model:

DAIM Tool Seminar I report summary

April 22, 2009

map with challenges

Participants presented 3 challenges in post-its from their experiences in DAIM and other projects

mapping the challenges of the broader context

In groups, challenges and concerns were indentified from people’s everyday professional lives


Participants were divided into four groups and asked to map the challenges of the Golden Projects

Picture 1

Feedback about the Tool Seminar and suggestions on what to do with the framework