DAIM on display


We’re happy to announce that the DAIM project is currently on display at the Danish Design Center as part of the “Challenge Waste” exhibition, which will be on for the summer of 2011. They showcase the project video, the 3 mini projects, and perhaps most prominently “the box” for user driven innovation in waste handling.

Our book Rehearsing the Future has also gained quite a bit of exposure at various conferences and is being used as source book for several design courses. Recently the book has been shortlisted for the Creative Circle Award 2011.

From these exciting announcements to a note in closing: The DAIM project officially ended in 2010. This blog will still be available for reference, but it will no longer be updated.

The current exposure of DAIM seems a great trace to leave behind!


2 Responses to “DAIM on display”

  1. Daniela Says:

    Dear Daim’ers

    The book is also being used as reference in São Paulo, Brazil.

    All the best,

    • Joachim Says:

      Hey Daniela, it’s been a long time! Thanks for sharing back the news from Sao Paulo – looking forward to hearing the details. So great to see how its spreading out 🙂

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