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Rehearsing the Future, conference

February 26, 2010

The DAIM conference: Rehearsing the Future was held in Copenhagen on the 23rd and 24th of February 2010. See the conference details here.


Joachim Halse, The Danish Design School: From rehearsals to business

Dan Boding-Jensen, Vestforbrænding: It can be done

Liz Sanders, MakeTools: Will it work in the US?

Thomas Binder, The Danish Design School: All-in-a-box

Trine Paludan, The Danish Design School: Teaching the tricks of your trade

Mikkel Jespersen, 1508: Working for or with the Client?

Eva Brandt, The Danish Design School, & Brendon Clark, SPIRE: Models: landscapes and mountains

Erling Björgvinson, Medea: Participatory design in the streets of Malmö

Tuuli Matelmaki, Aalto University: Design research and the Aalto factories