Invitation to Partner workshop 2.4.2009


Dear DAIM Partners

Let me remind you of our upcoming DAIM partner workshop on April 2nd 2009 at The Danish Design School, building A.

9am to 3pm: Partner workshop
3.30 pm to 4.30pm: Steering group meeting

The main purpose of the day is to mark the end of the pilot project on waste, enjoy the finished and boxed deliverable to Vestforbrænding, and reflect on what we have learned.

Ahead of us lies a phase of bureau projects where we have the opportunity to bring experiences and learnings from the pilot project into some of the bureaus’ upcoming activities with clients. Both 3PART and 1508 are preparing to launch “Golden Projects” that draw partly on participation of researchers from MCI/DKDS. Although not budgetted in the project proposal, we also encourage SWECO, Ergonomidesign and MakeTools to think of ways that you could benefit from including researchers from MCI/DKDS in some of your activities with clients.

Please let me know by the 31st of March if you plan to attend in partner workshop and or steering group meeting.

All the best,
+45 27269049


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