Working towards a book and a conference


The last issue on the workshop agenda was a first discussion on how project results can be compiled and communicated through a joint book publication. Ellen Christiansen and Thomas Binder had looked at their shelves for inspiration

img_77511 img_7739img_77441

“Design at Work” edited by Kyng and Greenbaum includes good case stories of how to do things in practice and it continues to be a good book of reference.

“Contextual Design” by Beier and Holzblatt gives an extensive overview of methods, but does not deal with real life challenges of project politics.

“Design Research” edited by Brenda Laurells – it works as texts for people looking for ways of doing things, however, not particularly reflective.

img_7746 img_7750 img_7752

“The Idea of Design” edited by Margolin and Buchanan introduces design thinking but may be a bit too theoretically ambitious for the DAIM project.

“Designing with video” by Salu Ylirisku, Jacob Buur seeks to integrate cases as inserts on selected pages, but are not fully succesful in mixing accounts of practical experience with presentations of methods and approaches

“Sketching User Experience” by Bill Buxton is a good example of a book that accomplish this and has an audience both of practitioners, students and researchers

Ellen and Thomas suggest “Bringing Design to Software” edited by Terry Winograd as the best example of how to bring together different voices and different kinds of contribution for a mixed audience

img_7759 img_77531 img_77541

Or – as Ellen says – with a lot of people interested in visuals and tangible things, we could also think of tthe book as a fold-out book opening a landscape.Mikkel also suggests to consider distribution channels and suggests Børsen. Katja suggests to consider ‘innovation’ as a part of this work, and not just do a traditional book. Katja also suggests that it reflects and supports a practice of co-creation. Mikkel – it could also be viewed as a collection of materials…

Ellen and Thomas will take suggestions and prepare a book synopsis at the next project workshop.


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