A model for design-anthropological innovation?


The morning started with Thomas Binder giving a presentation asking what can be a model. The Pilot project as a model

Ellen (MCI):What is the difference between user-driven projects and just working with users? Can we still talk about DAIM as a userdriven project? Maybe we have elements from both in the DAIM projects, but the three programmes have potential to become user-driven. Be aware not to hide the power issues, in this case Vestforbrænding has the power – there is owner-ship and author-ship

Ellen talking about author-ship and owner-ship.

Would people like to end up having one model?

Ellen: We would like a mapping of the road, the turntaking – an easy to understand tool to understand the history of the project – who did what and when..

Brendon talking about models

Joachim: We would like to give a model which have to be evoked by the people who use it.


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