Moving on to toolbox seminars and bureau projects…


As a preparation for the toolbox phase of the DAIM project the different bureaus briefly tell about what they would like to do in coming projects and what they wish for the project to do…


Katja from 1508 presents the post-its from a brainstorm they had at the office before the workshop – In relation to service design, they focused on “old tricks” which they already are quite familiar with (e.g. blueprints, field visits, personas, involving customers in strategy-making, etc…), from where they believe they can contribute.
The “new tricks” which they would like to explore further in the DAIM-project (e.g. applying anthropological theory, inspired by work of Liz Sanders – models and tools for making different values of the participants visible, mapping techniques w/ bricks etc, very specific design games for specific parts of a design process e.g. for during design workshops, about storytelling e.g. inspired by Performance theory, video-fixes, etc )
Further she presented ideas for concrete projects which the DAIM-tools could be applied in (e.g. combinations of service and web design )
And suggests approaches for our coming work in DAIM:
– digging into methods exploration weekend
– EPIC inspired “market place

Stig from Arkitema still feels new to the project, and with his earlier DAIM-colleague not with the company anymore, their engagement is not clear at the moment. He expects that another person will join the project, but that is still to be decided….

Mikkel from 3Part tells about their plans – they have one project in mind with a company creating lifts, but they are still looking for other opportunities…
One of the issues is to explore the ways we are describing what we do both internally and externally. Then we would like to learn and share about methods and formats, and the first step to him is to show and tell about current practices.
They would like to explore and develop further e.g. to play out scenarios in everyday environments, and explore how to involve clients and users also later in the project so it becomes less “tests”. Another issue is coherence throughout a project

Dan from Vestforbrænding tells about their ideas for what to do after the “death” of the DAIM project – they want DAIM to inspire the way they do coming research and development projects within the company. They have a long list of concrete initiatives of how to making the knowledge and insights from DAIM alive. e.g. Otherwise they have visions of how to innovate waste systems. For example in relation to the building of new houses, etc
DAIM is a step-stone for the company to make the move we want…


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