How do we deliver result from the pilot project



Trine Paludan opened the discussion by presenting how the deliverables from the pilot project can be “packaged” for Vestforbrænding as “a box” with a deck of insight cards a “backdrop” of strong points and a collection of idea catalogues originating in the work with three specific “what-if” programs. Trine posed a number of critical questions concerning how what is learned in the project can live on with Vestforbrænding and their collaborators.

Mikkel (3PART): Your presentation is an extremely good starting point. It brings me to that we need to get to know each other better – and then maybe get together and discus our method etc. It is both anthropological research and design research.

There is a huge different between organizing material and to bring in theory. And a problem can be to have time to bring in the theory.

Reports or cards – what do Vestforbrænding think about that delivery?

Applied business anthropology from FORA – we could use that to get inspired on how to use theory in this case. If you are not an anthropologist it is not very useful and it do not tell where to search for more, but we could look at it.

Thomas (DKDS):To what extend are we talking about us gaining knowledge from research. For example we have had nice analysis sessions at the design school but how do we share it – and take it out to all of you and the other people involve in the project.

The format of Fluxus scores can be an inspiration. Fluxus was an art movement that made small recipies for unique experiences. If we can make some kind of kit that makes rediscovering posibble to make the process going again.What I want is that we make a recipe for a process that is really open. In our own project it is always a risk that it become to stiff.

Mikkwl (3PART): You want to keep it a live – and thats a great thing, but as a consultant I need to close it at some point and I can let it run. But I dont see that combining it with theory make it too stiff.

Video: Thomas is talking about the common language of engagement

Mikkel refers to Jacob Buurs model that distinguishes between Participatory Innovation and design anthropology.

Now we are done with all the research and workshop – and now we have to bring in theory. Somehow that is a slap in the face…

Applying theory – interest in that and the result that it give, but not just theory in it self.
If you don not like my theory, there is another one – it is same as with method, you have some kind of box where you can take up things depending of the situation.


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