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At se det velkendte på nye måder

May 28, 2008

At kaste et nyt blik på affald og “ting der er på vej” – Her et veldækket sønderjysk kagebord, med alskens lækkerier…


Designed to be thrown away – but too good for that…

May 28, 2008

We’re told over and over again in the US, that you should not refill these bottles, because there are dangerous germs lurking…. “It is bad practice to refill water bottles!”


May 28, 2008

Left-overs from other projects that can maybe be put to some new use. A rabbit cage, a princess dress, you name it!

New Roles and Functions

May 28, 2008

Things that earlier had a clear definition of role and function which has now switched into a completely new function.

Love, Sorrow and Memories…

May 28, 2008

Things we relate to with love and also sometimes with sorrow realizing that we cannot stay with them forever. Or sometimes it will stay with us, longer than we with them…

The everyday trail of waste

May 28, 2008

This is waste produced on one train ride from århus to cph…

In average each of us produce 7 kg of waste per day. Or almost 200 kg per person if we include the goods that are produced outside Denmark. That’s our invisible global trail of waste…


May 28, 2008

Keep things in circulation.
For example keep wonderful pictures in mind by using a beer can camera!

What if containers to collect waste were beautiful, as this ash container, and even induced pleasure in the ones using them?

It is a model of the standard human being, but let us remember in this project that everything appears different from different perspectives!

Boundery objects

May 28, 2008

Even though you want to throw them out, there is still some life in them… What is waste for the adult, is a toy for his child.

The book that somebody might be interested in reading…

The battery – what is this? – you dont see if it is actually charged or not.

Left-over medicine that has become irrelevant to its owner, yet vitally important for others.

Shame and Forgiveness

May 28, 2008

You know you are supposed to recycle… This GPS still works, but was not used the last 5 years. Its somehow shameful to throw it out, because there is a potential that you don’t use. By recycling it, you can obtain a free pass to buy something new!

Præsentationer fra Kick-Off Mødet

May 28, 2008

projektintro v. Eva Brandt, DKDS

foreløbig innovationsmodel v. Thomas Binder, DKDS

combining research and reality v. Dan Boding-Jensen, Vestforbrænding

challenges and experiences v. Mikkel Ask Rasmussen, 3part

people driven innovation v. Liz Sanders, MakeTools

innovation for people v. Frederik Ericsson, Ergonomidesign

1508 and daim v. Katja Øder Hansen, 1508

participatory innovation v. Brendon Clark, Mads Clausen Instituttet

designdialoger v. Peter Fröst, Sweco

report from 7 field visits v. Joachim Halse, DKDS